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I'm kimmy, the owner of this idiotic blog. This blog was first created on 2010 when I was about 13, Some of you might have visited this blog before, and I am deeply sorry for ever have posted anything shitty and down right stupid. I've recently updated this blog and review all my past post, and it's horrible, sooooooo horrible, aside from the word errors, the fake personality that I was trying to portray into my writing was childish and beyond immature. So now that I've already deleted some of the posts and updated some features, I hope you'll enjoy your time more visiting my blog. And if you read or have already read the content of the page called 'XiaoKimmy(before)[2011]', I'm sorry if it annoys you in any way(cause it sure did annoyed me), I keep that page mainly because it can act as reminder for me about the person I used to be and the person I've become now and the person I want to be in the future. It also reminds me how stupid I was before and making me feel good now as I realize that I did improve myself to the point where I'm aware of whom I was before and why people keep exiting my life before. SO, hope you enjoy visiting my blog :)

Xiao Kimmy(BEFORE)[2011]

____xIao Kimmy____


>Kimberley [金培丽]
>Kim , kimmy , Mimmy & ruby . 
>kna c lahir atas katil hosp. 
>Asal kota kinabalu . p stay d Ranau .
>I'm part kadazan and part chinese . 
>I could speak chinese if you want me to . ;)

____About me and only me____

>Sometimes I don't care how I look . So no comment . XP 

>I'm friendly if you get to know the real me . Muahh !

>My mummy calls me piggy sometimes, she says i'm fat .
 but i don't really care cause i'm happy the way i am right know . 

>I'm christian , And I'm proud to be one . ♥

>I love reading , but I got bored of it sometimes .

>I really hate doing courses . [thats why mummy call
  me piggy . haha . i'm starting to love that nickname .
  it's kinda cute sometimes .]

>I eat a lot . I don't care if I become Fatter ,
 It's better that way .

>I don't sing , my voice sucks !

>I play the Piano [ I start piano lesson when I was 8
  years old at The House Of Music Tambunan . My teacher
  was miss Veron . She's a friend of my mummy . I classmate
  in my piano class was also named Kimberley , except without
  the "E" between the "L" and the "Y" . . She's one year younger
  than me and her Brother was my classmate in School . ♥ ♥

>I Love alcohol . So what's The big deal ?!

>Most of my friends like k-pop . but not me ,
  I used to like it . But I got bored of it . . I'm in
  to j-Rock now [oshare kei & visual kei] . Not j-pop k . haha . 

>I love fashion . kawaii & ullzhang . [ i know i just said
  i'm not into k-pop anymore, but doesn't mean I don't like
  their fashion trends And even though I'm Into Rock , metal
  & screamo music , doesn't mean I can't be girly okeyyy . I 
  can be as girly as you want me to be .]

>I love to make friends , I don't really care if they are Lesbians ,
  gays or B.I . there's always room for a new friend ;)) .
  My bestfriends are mostly boys , Maybe it's because . . 

++(1.) I'm not like other girls . I don't like
           talking about people behind their backs ,
           I'm not a Back stabbing Bitch k . If I don't like
           someone , either I would face to face to her or 
           just ignore her Shit . . That's How I am . 

++(2.) I grew up with 13 Big brothers (cousins)
           . Really ~ It's was hard . I was Bullied almost
           Everyday . So, weather I fight back or being 
           sit on like a chair . =.= . 

++(3.) I always been hyperactive . So , I'm don't really
           enjoy doing girly stuff . exp ** dressing up , 
           makeover , slumber party & Cooking or baking 
           [don't let me use the microwave . It's gonna explode
           if I touch it . haha XDD] Even though I'm hyperactive ,
           I still hate sports like most girls And that's brings to the
           point why i'm such a fat piggy . :/

>I don't really care if someone doesn't like me or talk shits
  about me . It's up to them weather they want to be my 
  friend or my enemy [God can see and hear what ya saying ,
  and When the times come . . . You're gonna be judge by
  God himself . ;)) And when that time comes , I'm gonna
  laugh my ass off at ya guys . haha ! ] . . . . . 
  Man ~ I'm such a pigg ! . 

>I will always approve siblings request . ♥ ehehe ~ 

>I might seem stuck up to you guys , But I'm not . So ~~~~ 
  please don't judge a book by its cover . Sa layan jua bh
  klu kmuu tda Tambir . Sa bukan sombong ,
  p b'hati-hati . haha !

>If you want to know me better , just ask okeyy . wall to
  wall on facebook & tweeter and Inbox me 
  If you have tumblr . oh . If you have blogger . follow me
  okkk . ? 

>If you don't like me , just remove k . I got lots more of
  nice people to talk to . 

>I'm not rich , so don't ask me for money . 

>I love creative writing . It make my stress go away . 

>I'm always thankful for what I have . It might not be
  much but it's just might be enough . 

>I'M ABSOLUTELY IMPERFECT , everyone is . But I
  still love myself . God makes No mistake . 

>!p 3uW tYp3zZ Lyk3 t!zZ . . DON'T EVEN THINK

>I'm open minded , always a positive thinker . :))

>I'm really A cheerful person , Even when i'm in a
  bad mood . There's Always A time For a Smile . 
  Bukan snyum Kambing ahh . 

>I'm always here for those who needed comfort and
  a friend to talk to . I could be really supportive ya know .
  And your secret is save with me if you'll remain as my
  friend . Cause when I'm in a fight with my enemy , I'll 
  always attack their weak spot first . ;)) 

>I'm not always nice . If you pissed me off . my middle
  finger might just pop out for you . 

>I love animals but not insects . ♥

>I have a lot of ex-lover . ++ I know we didn't turn out
  right but I'll always remember the happy moments we have
  together and I'll always appreciate it & cherish it . ;))
  I'm very thankful . ^^ 

>I like being friends with freaks And weirdo more than normal
  people . [their're so damn funny] . haha ! 

>I wish I could marry the Internet , cause boys Are so Damn
  fucking Hard To understand sometime . 

>I'm afraid of the dark sometime . 

>I Hate justin bieber [No offense bieberbelievers] ,
  but I love his songs . 

______I usually don't talk about myself . I'm not a talkative
 person . I keep my feelings to myself . I just don't like drama .
 haha . It makes me feel like trowing up . XPP_______

The End .