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I'm kimmy, the owner of this idiotic blog. This blog was first created on 2010 when I was about 13, Some of you might have visited this blog before, and I am deeply sorry for ever have posted anything shitty and down right stupid. I've recently updated this blog and review all my past post, and it's horrible, sooooooo horrible, aside from the word errors, the fake personality that I was trying to portray into my writing was childish and beyond immature. So now that I've already deleted some of the posts and updated some features, I hope you'll enjoy your time more visiting my blog. And if you read or have already read the content of the page called 'XiaoKimmy(before)[2011]', I'm sorry if it annoys you in any way(cause it sure did annoyed me), I keep that page mainly because it can act as reminder for me about the person I used to be and the person I've become now and the person I want to be in the future. It also reminds me how stupid I was before and making me feel good now as I realize that I did improve myself to the point where I'm aware of whom I was before and why people keep exiting my life before. SO, hope you enjoy visiting my blog :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

What I Think The Meaning Of Life Is

Hey Guys !:) So , it's been over a month since my last post . I'm here to update my blog . So , last weekend , my bestfriend ask me for my opinion on What I think the meaning of life is & How should life be lived through .
Christy , This is my answer :

Be happy with who you are and what you do, and you can do anything you want. Have fun. Take risks and be daring sometimes, but don't get out of control with it. Don't be serious all the time and do something exciting just because it sounds wild. Do what you think is right. Don't let people make the decision of right or wrong for you, or you could find yourself in a lot of trouble. Be different. Do things differently than everyone else if you want. Wear what you want, talk how you want, and listen to the music you like- not what everyone else likes. Be weird and don't care about what people say because they shouldn't judge you on how you look. Show people that if you do something differently than the people around you, you can still be a good person.
Don't be perfect. You have to make mistakes or you'll never learn from the mistakes you could've made. If you live perfectly you'll get bored. If you're always bored and always do the same thing everyday then why live? Try things you don't think you'll like. You never know until you try.
Listen to other people's advice, but don't always take it. If it's the dumbest advice you've ever heard, remember it anyway. It might come in handy some day. Don't give up on something you believe in. Voice your opinion and someone might change their mind because of something you said. If not, it's still what you believe in and you can think whatever you want. Take chances. Don't try to be good all the time. Live life on the edge. Don't ever let someone tell you you're not good enough. Show them you are good enough and then take it and shove it back in their face. Then become friends so you can look back and laugh at yourselves. Don't hate someone you don't know. If you discover that you don't hate them, they'll probably hate you even if they don't say it to your face. Just the same, don't make someone hate you when they don't know you. Then when that person is just memories, you'll regret it.
Be nice. Hold doors open for people you don't know. Talk to people who look lonely. You might find it fun. Keep your hopes high, even if you get knocked on your butt. Get up and try again. Don't lose hope.
Cry. It just works sometimes. People might actually appreciate it more than yelling or screaming. Don't let people judge you for it though. Even the toughest people have problems. Don't be afraid of something unless you've experienced it before. If you're afraid of something and you do it anyway, it can only make you stronger. Don't be afraid of life. Be afraid of what will happen to you after death. Don't try to be something you're not. Be yourself. Do what you want- not what others think you should do. Be successful and love yourself. There is no point of living if you aren't happy with yourself.

Take negative experiences and see them as positives. You learn from everything you do. Don't let people judge you on one mistake. Put the past behind you, but don't forget it. Some people tell you things that they're gonna do and then they don't. Forget them. If they show up ten years later- screw them. They don't care. They're fakes. They might tell you that they like you but they don't care.
Tell people what you think no matter how old you are. You're good ideas can become reality. Be a little bit of everything. Mix your life up a little and have fun. You can't change the things you've done, so don't do something you'll regret forever.
Don't take life for granted. You only have so much time. Make your name known. Live life for all it's worth. Take the gifts you have and make them into something. Trust your heart to show you everything you'll ever need. Then you can live.
These things are what I think the meaning of life is & how life should belived through . Sometimes I wish I would've taken my own advice. Christy, I'm your Bestfriend. I know something bad happened to you, It's true huh ? What I heard & what all people have been sayin' ?
You shouldn't have tell me earlier, we chould have gone through this together. At least, I chould've help lessen you pain just by a little bit. Well, there's nothing else I can say. What's done, is done. Next time, when you've some problems, just ask for help, don't be shy.

That's all I want to say for today. It felt much better after posting this.

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