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I'm kimmy, the owner of this idiotic blog. This blog was first created on 2010 when I was about 13, Some of you might have visited this blog before, and I am deeply sorry for ever have posted anything shitty and down right stupid. I've recently updated this blog and review all my past post, and it's horrible, sooooooo horrible, aside from the word errors, the fake personality that I was trying to portray into my writing was childish and beyond immature. So now that I've already deleted some of the posts and updated some features, I hope you'll enjoy your time more visiting my blog. And if you read or have already read the content of the page called 'XiaoKimmy(before)[2011]', I'm sorry if it annoys you in any way(cause it sure did annoyed me), I keep that page mainly because it can act as reminder for me about the person I used to be and the person I've become now and the person I want to be in the future. It also reminds me how stupid I was before and making me feel good now as I realize that I did improve myself to the point where I'm aware of whom I was before and why people keep exiting my life before. SO, hope you enjoy visiting my blog :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

wahahahah !

              Today was such a great day , I've such a great time with my friends even though we got scolded by some librarian . So , today was the last day of our yearly school sports week . It was the best ! I've laugh so hard until I got a stomach ache & I think I've fallen in love again . After that afternoon , we went to do library , we were suppose to do some research about "the great wall of China" but we ended up talking about something else , then we started laughing . We laugh so hard the librarian got annoyed , so he scolded us , but our laughing doesn't end there . So , he started yelling at us from long distance , but we didn't even care , we didn't stop laughing cause his face looked sooooo funny that time . At the end , we were chase away by the funny face looking librarian . well that's all . bye . ~ 

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