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I'm kimmy, the owner of this idiotic blog. This blog was first created on 2010 when I was about 13, Some of you might have visited this blog before, and I am deeply sorry for ever have posted anything shitty and down right stupid. I've recently updated this blog and review all my past post, and it's horrible, sooooooo horrible, aside from the word errors, the fake personality that I was trying to portray into my writing was childish and beyond immature. So now that I've already deleted some of the posts and updated some features, I hope you'll enjoy your time more visiting my blog. And if you read or have already read the content of the page called 'XiaoKimmy(before)[2011]', I'm sorry if it annoys you in any way(cause it sure did annoyed me), I keep that page mainly because it can act as reminder for me about the person I used to be and the person I've become now and the person I want to be in the future. It also reminds me how stupid I was before and making me feel good now as I realize that I did improve myself to the point where I'm aware of whom I was before and why people keep exiting my life before. SO, hope you enjoy visiting my blog :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How to expel stress

So the other day a friend ask me how I face stress. I don't know why she would ask me since I'm stress like everyday and I never seem to know the answer to stress relief myslef. Maybe because I never show it physically but believe my dear friends, I'm thinking of it all the time while playing a scene of me committing suicide in different ways over and over again in my head, but then I realize I'm not about to stoop that low to do such thing.... So don't kill yourself just because of stress.

First solution to free yourself from stress or in my understanding, hide it from yourself for a moment, I usually just watch TV ._. Sad but true, I love TV for what it has to present to me everyday. Sometimes the exciting, overwhelming, or even horrifying feeling from a TV show or a movie can make you forget the problems that you're facing, but it only works for a short period of time... At least you can run away from it for a while right?

If watching TV doesn't help, I don't blame you, It usually just works for me and certain types of people. So, if you're stress out, I think you should just let out. You can talk to a friend or family about it, Maybe talk to your boyfriend if you have one, I usually talk to my boyfriend first, my family sometimes doesn't understand my problems and what I'm facing with... maybe because it has to do with the different time frames we were born in. Other than that, you could try letting it out through sports or hobbies. I, personally can't do sports when I'm stress mainly because I hate it and I believe I might get even more stress by doing so.

So if you have no friends, no understanding parents or family members, no boyfriend and not about to get yourself involve in any sports or hobbies, try calming yourself first, close your eyes and take deep breaths. Sometimes a simple as so might help more than you expected. While you're doing so, thing back the good things that life has to offer you and have faith that things gonna get better over time. I might be a dark soul but I still believe in faith and other stuff like that.

Lastly, if all that is mentioned above doesn't work for you, try sleeping pills or alcohol. I don't recommend it because it's a way of self harm but if you're desperate then go for it, just don't die. You might get more stress if you died a become a ghost or something.

I hope this can help you lessen your stress. and by the way, I'll be posting every week from now on. :3 maybe if I'm not lazy, I'll write something everyday.

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